Buy 1 Acre Farm for INR. 10 Lakhs


We will manage the farm for 20% service charge

Investors will get 80% profit


“Green Orchard”, located near the 4-Lane highway of Thoothukudi – Madurai, is a part of prestigious 300-acre farmland investment scheme from NM Global-One Developers. Invest in a farmland now and we will cultivate and manage the farm unit which can generate consistent cash flow and enhance land value. The project has been set up on a land bank rich in resources including abundant water, nutrient rich soil, and easy access to farming implements. This project deals with varieties of fruit plantation and short-term crops.

About Us 

NM Global-One Developers Pvt. Ltd is a Real Estate and Technology development organization located in the rapidly growing southern corridor of india (Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu). It is a Global Development offshoot of the NM Realty founded by NMH Namboodiripad – a veteran real estate developer and business magnate, hailing from a traditional business family, with more than 35 years experience.


Your Land & Farm

Own 1 Acre Fruit Farm for Rs.10 Lakhs

  • Registration of land with all requisite land records under investor’s name.
  • Investor will get original land registration deed and record of ownership.
  • This one-time investment of Rs.10 Lakhs includes purchase value of one acre land, total farming expenses including infrastructure.
  • 80% of profit to Investor after 20% service charge.
  • Regular tax free income for investors from farming.
  • Bona fide sharing of profit to investors ranging from
    12 to 18%.
  • Additional returns from land appreciation.
  • Each year Investor will get 7 free days at farm resort for vacation or weekend getaways.

Our farm care & management services

  • 24/7 farm security and management.
  • Our farm management includes farm infrastructure, water resource, land preparation, cultivation, farm maintenance, harvesting and marketing of the farm produce.
  • Plantation of high yielding guava, gooseberry or drumstick trees as long term crops along with maize, cotton or similar crops as short-term crops.
  • Road access to every farmland unit.
  • Crop insurance for the planted farm crops.
  • Guidance from agricultural experts for growth, health and progress of the farm.
  • Customized farm dashboard for monitoring and tracking of farms.

Investment Benefits 

Invest in farming plots

If you are looking for a secure and stable form of investment, your “Green Orchard farm unit” is the right destination. It is a hassle free, hands off, complete turnkey farm investment scheme. Your investment is secured by land ownership. Farming activities are covered by our farm management team. Sit back and enjoy regular income from farm profit as well as the appreciation in land value.

Farming is the Future

This remote farming program can make you the part of urban farming community. Demand for food is growing and prices of farm produce are increasing. So awaiting you is a great opportunity in the farming sector – Green Orchard farm. Green idea for nature, farming is the future.


Regular income from plantation

Cultivation of high yield hybrid variety of guava, gooseberry or drumsticks assures maximum returns for your investment. Expect 12% to 18% or more APR for your investment (estimates only). Act now, book your farming plot today.

Membership in farm resort

Investor will get 7 days of free stay per annum in our eco-friendly farm resort which will have a farm-to-table restaurant. Can use it for vacation or weekend getaways. These resort units will be surrounded by fruit orchards, spice gardens, vegetable cultivation among others.

Precision farm management

Implementation of modern farming technologies and precision farming methods will bring best results. 24/7 managing will guarantee that the investment is a worry-free one.

Reward for referrals

Join our referral program to get additional income. Each successful referral rewarded by 1 lakh points equal to Rs.1 Lakh. It can be redeemed for farm plot purchase.

Location Advantage


300 acres Green Orchard is located in frontier of National highway 38 (Thoothukudy-Madurai). Take advantage of our offer Rs. 10 Lakhs/acre including farm and management. Expect much higher appreciation value for this farm plots in future. Best investment opportunity for individuals who are looking for smart real estate investment options.

 Step by step investment process 

Process of Farming plot purchase

  1. Fill up the application form for farming plot purchase and indicate the plot number which you would like to purchase.
  2. We will send the land documents and other details with legal opinion.
  3. We will arrange land visit (optional, if you wish).
  4. Payment can be paid in full at the time of land registration.
  5. For the registration of land, investor or power of attorney should be present at the registrar’s office. The presence of investor can be avoided by giving limited power of attorney for land purchase to a nominee. Forms are available at the download section.
  6. Investor will get the original land document after the registration.
  7. We will get the patta and land tax for investor.
  8. Investor now has the land ownership and documents.

Now, it is time for farming

  1. We will prepare the farm management agreement.
  2. 20% of the profit will go to NM Global-One as farm management fee, the rest 80% will go to investor.
  3. We will start the preparation of farming.
  4. Planting of fruit trees such as guava, gooseberry, and drumstick will be planted along with short term crops like maize and cotton.
  5. We will send regular updates including farm newsletters to every investor.
  6. Now you became a part of urban farming community without any involvement in farming activities.
  7. That is the beauty of this investment – Your farm. Our care.

Relax, and enjoy the profit

  • Farm profit will be paid quarterly as direct deposit to your bank account.
  • Account and profit report will be prepared by a certified CPA.
  • Visit and stay at our farm resort. You have 7 free days every year.
  • You will be part of remote farm facility which provides steady cash flow forever.

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